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    Know Thy Prospective Customer

    (Length: 02:24)

    Be curious about the customer and treat them with respect. Help them find the best solution to their needs.

  • Do You Know What Your Body Just Said?

    Carol Kinsey Goman

    by Carol Kinsey Goman

    Recently I addressed a leadership group about the importance of nonverbal communication in business. All of the senior managers actively participated in the session, asking questions and volunteering for various demonstrations. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in the topic. Everyone, that is, except one woman who sat for the entire time with her shoulders rounded, chin tucked in, and torso twisted slightly toward the exit. At the end of the program she said, “I really didn’t want to be here today.” But of course, I already knew that. And so did everyone else in the room. The woman’s body had been shouting out her discomfort all morning.


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    They Never Taught You This in College

    (Length: 01:05)

    How to take total responsibility for you and your career. (Recorded at the American Society for Training and Development International Conference)