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Featured Content
  • Is A Master Mind Group On Your Horizon?

    Adele Sommers

    by Adele Sommers

    When you think of a Master Mind group, what comes to mind?

    A secret society, a social club, or a potent example of high-powered networking? Any of these could be true, but the third choice is probably the closest. Popularized by Napoleon Hill, the author of the 1937 classic "Think and Grow Rich," the centuries-old practice of creating Master Mind alliances has become intrinsically linked to business achievement. Its hallmarks include candid but harmonious exchanges of ideas and viewpoints that help guide members through uncharted waters.


  • How To Get Out Of 'Project Overwhelm'

    Adele Sommers

    by Adele Sommers

    It's two weeks before the deadline. But your project is at least six weeks behind! Everyone is sweating bullets. As project leader, you're wringing your hands. A volcano of surprises has erupted since the project launched three months ago. And in contrast to everyone's prognostications, no one foresaw the lava flow of trouble ahead.

    Your dilemma: Information that was supposed to be available in Week 2 won't be known for another month. Parts of the system that were designed to work one way are really working another. An expert you needed to provide critical details went on extended leave right after the project launch. And that's just scratching the surface!

    So today, that simple-looking undertaking that your crystal ball said should only take four weeks of work beckons from a distant horizon. The funding may soon be cut off. And management will surely panic if it's not finished for the scheduled unveiling. You sense disaster looming, yet everyone feels helpless. So, what can you do?


  • Managing Time in Fast Forward

    Cynthia Clay

    by Cynthia Clay

    Yes, it’s about time! As leaders in organizations we must manage our time well. Our team’s success and our own depend upon our ability to meet goals within a time frame. But sometimes taking time is the way to make time—especially in a fast-forward environment.


  • Avatar

    The Upside of Conflict

    (Length: 01:28)

    It's better to embrace and not avoid conflict at work. (Recorded at the  American Society for Training and Development International Conference)