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    Happy Employees Do Good Work

    (Length: 01:24)

    Sincerely supporting your people pays big dividends. (Recorded at the  American Society for Training and Development International Conference)

  • 10 Ways to Know if You'll Get the Job

    Carol Kinsey Goman

    by Carol Kinsey Goman

    As the candidate in a job interviews, you’re aware that you’re being assessed for competence, confidence and candor. But what about the interviewer? Is he being totally upfront with you? Here are 10 cues that will tell you what the interviewer really thinks:


  • Getting to Team Synergy, part 2

    Elizabeth Doty

    by Elizabeth Doty

    In the last post on Team Synergy, we explored the fact that teams often waver in deciding whether to invest in real teamwork.  We often fail to recognize the ways our work is already interdependent and how we can disrupt each other if we do not actively manage those connections.