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Featured Content
  • Vision, Mission, Values


    by Ken Cooper

    Nearly every organization has signs on the wall detailing the company’s Vision and Mission (and maybe Values.) Yet are these statements accomplishing anything? Do employees know what they say? What they mean? How to apply them? Do the statements change anyone’s actions? Are they little more than just nice words? This program shows how Vision, Mission, and Value statements can become the first important step in improving the organization, and provides a simple checklist to determine if your statements are working for you.


  • The Cure for Your Training Department

    by Jim Hopkins

    Have you ever noticed a particular training project showing up each year as the top priority, and it looks like last year’s training program, and maybe even the one from the year before that?  When training priorities don’t change from year to year, but they remain on the project list of the training plan it speaks volumes.  It tells us that these are still vital skills that our employees need to acquire, and that for one reason or another, we have still not implemented the training.