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Featured Content
  • The Seven Separators of Great Facilitation - What separates top facilitators from average ones?

    by Michael Wilkinson

    What is it that separates great facilitators from good ones? Sure, every facilitator needs to know about establishing ground rules, using the appropriate tools and maintaining a safe environment. But are there a set of skills that seem to distinguish the best facilitators from the rest of the pack?

    We say, "Yes!" As facilitators and facilitation trainers, we have had the opportunity to work with and train over 12,000 facilitators since releasing our training class The Effective Facilitator in 1993. While some facilitators were beginners, most were experienced, and many were very experienced. It is through working with this wide variation in proficiency that we have identified what we believe are The Seven Separators - the key skills that seem to separate the top facilitators from the average ones.

    It takes numerous skills to be a great facilitator. But for facilitators who are already good at the mechanics and are seeking to increase their facilitation excellence, we recommend that they focus on these seven skill areas.


  • Retention: Cost Effective Ways To Improve

    Lynda Silsbee

    by Lynda Silsbee

    Abstract: Many businesses have stagnant revenues or even face a downward spiral, thus they cannot give generous raises. Understandably, owners and HR professionals are probably worried about breaking the news to their workers and nervous anticipating their reactions. After all, companies likely have top performers who deserve higher salaries. This article reviews ways they can retain key employees on a tight budget.


  • Ask The Advisor: Should You Track Workers' E-mail and Internet Use?

    Lynda Silsbee

    by Lynda Silsbee

    Dear HR Advisor:

    Several executives are concerned employees are surfing the Internet and e-mailing friends on the clock, and they want me to track it. Short of looking over workers’ shoulders all day, how can I watch for inappropriate use?


    Big Brother in the Making



  • Building the Total Team: A Lesson from Professional Sports

    Cynthia Clay

    by Cynthia Clay

    Some of us are sports fans; some of us are not. But all of us get involved in leading or participating in teams—business development teams, training teams, problem-solving teams, and budget planning teams, to name just a few. Professional sports teams can remind us what Total Teams are made of, and they can give us pointers in how to build them.