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Featured Content
  • Know Can Do

    Ken Blanchard

    by Ken Blanchard

    We have a crisis in our training and development field. What we teach is seldom practiced or used. People today know a lot more about leadership and management than anyone ever sees. The gap between knowing and doing is probably wider than the gap between ignorance and knowledge. This bothered me for a long time, until I recently learned about the missing link—repetition, repetition, repetition.


  • What Men Can Learn From Women About Leadership

    Carol Kinsey Goman

    by Carol Kinsey Goman

    A new Northwestern University meta-analysis (an integration of a large number of studies addressing the same question) shows that leadership continues to be viewed as culturally masculine. The studies found that females suffer from two primary forms of prejudice: Women are viewed as less qualified or natural in most leadership roles, and secondly, when women adopt culturally masculine behaviors often required by these roles, they may be viewed as inappropriate or presumptuous.


  • Video

    Successful Negotiation: Ask the Right Questions

    (Length: 1:36)
    by Jeanette Nyden

    Many negotiators complain that, even though they’re asking all the right questions, they still can’t get an agreement. So, what are the “right” questions to ask at a negotiation? They’re not the ones you might expect! 

  • When Corporate Commitments Drift

    Elizabeth Doty

    by Elizabeth Doty

    Over the years, as businesses continually manage the tension between creating value and extracting value, there has been a recurring theme in leadership philosophy: over and over, pundits have described the value of inviting an organization’s members to invest more than their compliance and commit to the organization’s enterprise.  I first became aware of this theme with Tom Peter’s In Search of Excellence and the popularization of skunkworks and Managing by Wandering Around, which reflected a deep value on employees’ ability to contribute to the organization’s strategic challenges. This same insight was implicit in Deming’s 14 points, which were based on the observation that workers tend to want to do work they are proud of. It showed up in the movements around Six Sigma, lean management, and the Toyota Production System, High Performing Organizations and in Good to Great  -- though these reflect widely divergent assumptions about how much of that commitment comes from individual traits or organizational climate. As the global economy has shifted to toward knowledge-work, the value of involving employees as partners has become more and more apparent. To quote Tom Peters, the only way to treat knowledge workers is as volunteers, because they have to want to contribute their energy.