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Featured Content
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    Leaving in Style

    (Length: 02:19)

    Strategies for quitting your job constructively.

  • Video

    Coaching to Redirect: The Six-Step Model

    (Length: 4:51)

    Whenever you need to give constructive feedback to redirect performance and get the employee back on track, use the Coaching to Redirect Six-Step Model.  

  • Selecting the Best Person for the Job

    Dan Kennedy

    by Dan Kennedy

    When it comes time to select the right person for a job that you’ve been interviewing for, sometimes it’s an obvious choice, sometimes less so.  After you have interviewed your candidates, you need to sit down and do the following:


  • When It's Okay to Tell Lies at Work

    Carol Kinsey Goman

    by Carol Kinsey Goman

    We tell all sorts of lies at work. We flatter, exaggerate, omit, and mislead — primarily to avoid punishment, to make ourselves look better, to control information, or to protect others.

    Some of our workplace lies trigger feelings of anxiety, guilt, or remorse. But there are other lies that many of us feel justified in telling.

    As background for my new book, “The Truth About Lies in the Workplace: How to Spot Liars and How to Deal with Them,” I surveyed 547 business professionals about a variety of workplace deception issues. When I asked if it was ever okay to lie at work, I found that most people said “yes!” — under some circumstances. Here are the top seven: