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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Me and My Relationship with Work

Not too long ago I was asked to write an article for Resonant Insights. Resonant Insights is more than a consulting firm:- it is a movement focused on evoking passion and purpose in the workplace. Founder, Bobby Bakshi, came through our Virtual Facilitator Training Certification course while Resonant Insights was being birthed. Mr. Bakshi designed a 7-Step process to help overcome any challenge. The seven steps are:

  • Your Intention
  • Your Choice
  • Your Commitment
  • Your Work
  • Your Power
  • Your Integration
  • Your Gift
He is such a delight to work with, how could I say no? The article I wrote actual is the follow-up to the spot light article my boss, Cynthia Clay, wrote for Step 3 (Commitment) of the 7-step module. To read her article, click here.
I think my follow-up will be in the Resonant Insights e-newsletter. You can read my article below. It was a pleasure to share how my commitment with NetSpeed Learning Solutions holds high, healthy, happy value in my life.
I'm the Client Services Manager for NetSpeed Learning Solutions and my primary purpose is ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers with a high level of personal attention. For our virtual training courses, I coach trainers on how to shine in front of the camera, using our "glows and grows" model of giving feedback. I bring my performing arts and education background to helping them develop their web delivery skills.
One of my values is "feeling valued." I love being an active team player and participating in thoughtful give and take with our clients and coworkers. I also love the process of visioning what we're trying to create in our workplace. One of my passions is sustainability and I bring that awareness to our office: we recycle, reduce our reliance on paper, save electricity, and this year we signed up for the city's composting program. I appreciate that I work in a safe, supportive place where I am encouraged and able to stay balanced. Quality of life is very important to me. 
My values are well-aligned with NetSpeed Learning Solutions' values: Integrity, Creativity, Respect, Learning and Growth, Collaboration and Teamwork, and Balance. 

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