Lynda Silsbee

Lynda Silsbee

Lynda Silsbee, B.A., specializes in human performance improvement, leadership and team development, performance management systems, and process improvement. Her diverse industry experience includes 21 years working with companies like Nordstrom, Genie Industries, and Vulcan Northwest.

Lynda is on the board of the Society of Human Resource Management--Seattle, is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, and serves as an adjunct faculty member of Seattle Pacific University in the Human Performance Improvement program. She is a gifted and natural human developer who keeps an eye on the strategic mission of her clients, while empathizing with employee needs.

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3 Ways To A Happier And More Productive Workplace

In today’s shaky economy, many employees have the doldrums. After all, they face longer work days and heavier workloads, and they fear losing their jobs over using vacation or sick time. With a stressed work force, morale and productivity may be low. To boost employees’ spirits and get them working at full speed, foster a more humanistic attitude in your office. Here are three tips to get you started:

1. Adjust to your staff’s personal needs.

2. Implement an employee-assistance program (EAP).

3. Cut loose.

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