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Latino Talent

By 2050, Latinos will make up one-quarter of the U.S. population and nearly triple in number to 97 million. For businesses, this demographic shift means a larger Latino consumer market and a growing Latino workforce. Latino Talent presents practical strategies for companies that need help understanding and managing a workforce with an increasingly Latino identity and tapping into a booming Latino consumer market.

Latino Talent

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez, PhD, is the Board Chairman of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), a leading national nonprofit dedicated to building Latino careers through leadership and development of Latino students and experienced professionals.  He is currently a consultant and a professor at Kaplan University, where he leads the school's Latino leadership development programs.

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Attracting Latinos for Long-term Success

Nowadays, many organizations are finding it difficult to tap into the Latino talent pool because most of them have yet to realize that their traditional recruitment strategies aren’t working. Without refining current recruitment efforts and developing customized strategies specifically aimed at Latinos, organizations will continue to employ strategies that are ineffective.

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