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Jeanette Nyden brings more than a decade of experience as an attorney, mediator, and negotiation specialist. As founder and president of J. Nyden & Co., Jeanette has utilized these skills to help small and mid-sized companies achieve successful outcomes in negotiations. J. Nyden & Co. founded in Seattle in 2003, provides advance negotiation planning and strategy services in addition to training programs and seminars. Jeanette also represents small businesses in complex negotiations.

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Just Say No: How To Sound Positive When You're Negotiating The Negative

Have you ever wanted to say no to some unreasonable request, whether from a client, vendor, boss, or co-worker, but said yes just to keep the peace? If you are like most of us, we are taught that saying no can be a bad thing. But what about those times that you have to say no, and for good reason?

Saying no does not have to be awkward or damaging to relationships. Saying no can actually help you do your job better. That's right; saying no can be a good thing.

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