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Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How into Action

In this new book Blanchard and his coauthors, Paul J. Meyer and Dick Ruhe, use the fable format Blanchard made famous to lay out a straightforward method for learning more, learning better, and making sure you actually use what you learn. This engaging story identifies three key reasons people don't make the leap from knowing to doing and then moves on to the solution.

Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How into Action

Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is Chief Spiritual Officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies.  He is the author or coauthor of more than forty books, including the classic, The One Minute Manager(R) (with Spencer Johnson), Leading at a Higher Level, Full Steam Ahead! (with Jesse Stoner), and The Secret (with Mark Miller). 

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Know Can Do

We have a crisis in our training and development field. What we teach is seldom practiced or used. People today know a lot more about leadership and management than anyone ever sees. The gap between knowing and doing is probably wider than the gap between ignorance and knowledge. This bothered me for a long time, until I recently learned about the missing link—repetition, repetition, repetition.

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