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  • The Communication Styles Challenge

    by Cynthia Clay Cynthia Clay

    Strategies for communicating effectively in culturally diverse business environments.

  • Thoughts on Five Key Management Topics

    by Cynthia Clay Cynthia Clay

    Would you like quick, practical tips and bits of wisdom on five important topics? Here is some of our latest thinking on communicating, delegating, managing one's career, transforming team conflict, and working with communication styles, taken from five new NetSpeed Leadership modules.

  • Working With Communication Styles: A Tip Sheet

    by Cynthia Clay Cynthia Clay

    We are all different. That's a given. The challenge for us in the world of work is to recognize and adapt to style differences. Rather than going through our day thinking that others are "flaky" or "nit-picking," we need to work successfully with them. Here's a tip sheet on how to do it.