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  • Five Easy Steps To Guide Employees In Negotiating Promotions and Raises

    by Jeanette Nyden JNyden

    According to a recent job satisfaction survey of full-time employees, 69.1% of employees feel that they are underpaid for their qualifications. Here are some additional statistics: There are 2 out of 3 employees walking around feeling underpaid and 1 in 3 employees are seeking job growth opportunities that will presumably lead to more pay.

  • Just Say No: How To Sound Positive When You're Negotiating The Negative

    by Jeanette Nyden JNyden

    Saying no does not have to be awkward or damaging to relationships. Saying no can actually help you do your job better. That's right; saying no can be a good thing. Negotiators say no all the time. The negotiators who are skilled at saying no are often the most respected and popular in their field because they are more likely to craft an agreement that meets the needs of both sides.

  • Negotiation Preparation on the Fly: Five Down-and-Dirty Questions You Should Answer Before Your Next Negotiation

    by Jeanette Nyden JNyden

    More and more, negotiations happen in pieces and on the fly, meaning that you quickly shoot off an e-mail or leave a voicemail in response to someone else’s e-mail or voicemail. This disjointed approach to negotiating will not change for the better any time soon. Negotiation preparation improves outcomes. In fact, it is the single-most-important thing you can do to influence the negotiation in your favor.

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