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  • A Cure for Writing Pains

    (Length: 1:56)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    If you are struggling with an aspect of writing, think about your message from your readers’ point of view. What do your readers need? What are their questions?

  • A Magic Tale of Email

    (Length: 3:08)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    If a genie could grant your wish for receiving only clear, effective, to-the-point email, what would that look like? Maybe someone you write for has the same wish.

  • As I Said, Make a Sign

    (Length: 1:47)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Don’t let a bad-grammar habit get in the way of sounding professional on paper or in person.

  • Beyond 'Out of Order'

    (Length: 2:13)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    In any business communication, think about the questions your reader may be asking. Then answer them.

  • Consider It Done

    (Length: 1:51)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Use the power of language to write in ways that give your readers a positive, memorable impression.

  • Empowered Email or 'Tail' Covering?

    (Length: 3:19)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Is it a good idea to copy your boss on every email you write? Maybe not always.

  • Find the Missing Word: You

    (Length: 1:21)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Don’t begin with a description of services. Begin with a discussion of how you are going to help your reader.

  • Should Business Documents Be Interesting?

    (Length: 1:29)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    When you read business documents, would you prefer that they are interesting, or that they are clear, concise, accurate, and complete?

  • Take Initiative: Take Notes

    (Length: 2:29)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Taking effective meeting notes can mean the difference between a productive meeting and a waste of the whole group’s efforts.

  • The 101st Customer

    (Length: 1:19)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    In any kind of communication, manners and kindness are essential. In email, consider courtesies such as greeting readers by name, asking rather than ordering, and expressing thanks.

  • The Power of the Truth

    (Length: 1:50)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Telling the truth in all types of writing empowers the teller, and makes the writing resonate with integrity, freedom, and pride.

  • Weekly Reports for Breakfast

    (Length: 2:09)
    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    Before dressing up any type of writing, ask yourself what your readers need. Do readers actually need new ways of looking at data? Or are they perfectly satisfied getting the information in a consistent format week after week?