Carol Kinsey Goman

Carol Kinsey Goman

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., is an executive coach, author and keynote speaker who addresses association, government, and business audiences around the world. Her latest book and program topic is THE SILENT LANGUAGE OF LEADERS: How Body Language Can Help - or Hurt - How You Lead.

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10 Good Ways to Lie to Your Boss

We behave differently around individuals of higher status and power than ourselves. Without realizing it, we observe them more intently, display exaggerated interest in all they say, suspend judgments about them, nod agreement to their opinions, mimic their body postures and laugh at their worst jokes. We do all of this automatically because we feel intimidated or pressured to try to please these powerful people. And in the workplace, our illogical (and sometimes embarrassing) displays of deference are most exaggerated when the powerful person in question is our boss.

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