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Lean Communications

Lean Communications: The 5-Step System for Doing More With Less and Getting Great Results is designed to provide you an overview of LEAN Communications as well as helpful tips, tricks and tools.

Lean Communications

Liz Guthridge

Liz Guthridge of Connect Consulting Group works with department leaders of Fortune 1000 companies to get employees on board with change. As a consultant, author and trainer, she helps leaders communicate clearly and credibly to get employees—especially those who are confused, angry, or in denial—involved and committed to action. As a result, employees accept the change with renewed energy and optimism. And leaders achieve their goals without the drama, delays, and distress so often associated with change. Liz’s work is built on LEAN COMMUNICATIONS® practices and principles, which is the art and science of doing more with less to improve business results and build greater trust.

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