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Ken Cooper is an internationally recognized trainer, and is author of The Relational Enterprise (AMACOM 2002) and Effective Competency Modeling and Reporting (AMACOM 2000). In his nearly 30 years of consulting, he has spoken to over 2,000 audiences on topics of leadership, process improvement, and retailer satisfaction. Ken’s clients have included Anheuser-Busch, Buffalo Rock Pepsi, Monsanto, PeopleSoft, Maritz, American Institute of Banking, Apple, and IBM. 

Ken is a partner with ej4, a company that specializes in driving business results by creating MaxecutionTM Videos, online films that are short, task-based, and fun. The company's goal is to increase your sales and reduce costs with a measurable ROI in less than 12 months. They provide off the shelf programs on topics like compliance, leadership, selling skills, safety, administration, and more. Their custom video solutions are created with a focus on the results you need to show management.


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Becoming a Follow-able Leader

Two key questions to ask employees are: “Who are your best leaders? Why do you want to follow them?”  Research from tens of thousands of leader surveys identifies three hallmarks of a follow-able leader: competence, goodwill, and integrity. Competence refers to job knowledge and skills. Goodwill covers the people side of leadership. And integrity addresses personal morality and ethics. The lesson?  Create your personal leadership value system around the three hallmarks. Then look for ways to add value daily to your employees in these areas.  Are you follow-able?

(Note: Part 2 of this series is in production.)

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