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Extraordinary Groups: How ordinary teams achieve amazing results

Why do some groups achieve amazing results while most others do not? What do extraordinary groups have in common that sorts them from all the rest? What can be done to create these terrific results more often? In Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results, Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan demystify the answers to these compelling questions.

Extraordinary Groups: How ordianry teams achieve amazing results

Geoff Bellman

Geoff Bellman

Geoff Bellman has worked with large organizations for forty years, fourteen as an internal consultant and manager, twenty-six as an external consultant. His work has focused on renewing large, mature organizations. In recent years he has given much of his time to small, not-for-profit organizations in the Seattle area.

Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan

Geoff's collaborator, Kathleen Ryan, has practiced organization development since 1984 and has been identified as an organizational consultant with "an instinct for translating complex human behavior into practical concepts." Her current work focuses on organization culture change, executive coaching, and executive on-boarding.

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Eight Indicators of an Extraordinary Group

 As consultants, we have invested years in working with groups in organizations.  We share a curiosity about what makes some groups fantastic and others not.  We’ve seen groups soar to high performance sometimes in because of our help, and often in spite of our help!  What is it that makes for the “magic” that transforms some groups we’ve worked with?  And, can we capture just a bit of the magic and take it to other groups?  Those questions were the focus of our four year study of sixty extraordinary groups.  That study led us to conclusions that altered the way we work with groups.  We will share some of what we learned here. 

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