Sue Miller

Sue Miller

Sue Miller is a management and leadership consultant - specializing in communication and interpersonal skills.  She motivates with serious content and inspires with humorous, real-life stories. 

As President of Sue Miller Presentations, Sue designs and delivers training on topics, such as:   Equipping the New Manager;  Presentation Skills; Active Listening;  Writing the Performance Appraisal; Interviewing Skills; Managing Change; Communication and Interpersonal Skills; and Rewards and Recognition.

Sue’s background includes management in several Fortune 500 companies and now she speaks throughout America to many corporations, associations, and churches, as well as deliver high-performance workshops.

She is a member of the National Speaker Association; American Society of Training and Development; and National Women’s Business Council.

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Have You Ever Tried Being A Peacemaker?

Ruffled feathers, bruised feelings, and misunderstandings are common in the workplace.

But, stop and think about how fast we go these days. It's no wonder we have "relationship accidents" on the high-speed freeway we're all traveling.

I have a calendar and PDA that are full; my social life remains active; my loved ones fill up a good portion of my time; I give time to my community, religious and favorite charitable organizations -- and then there's a remaining few minutes of personal time for ME.

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