Telly Courialis

Telly Courialis

Telly Courialis is an executive-leadership consultant specializing in processes that help corporate executives and manager-leaders acquire knowledge and skills, necessary to execute and sustain successful business initiatives in a multi-variable environment.

His company, Courialis Learning Services (CLS), conducts programs based on Learning Transfer. They include Contextual Problem Solving©, TeamBuilding, Executive Leadership Development, and communication design, and help synchronize strategic organizational goals with measurable results.

Telly’s focus in these critical areas fosters increased assurance toward a healthy corporate environment, which serves to promote human and career development.

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Leadership Learning Transfer

In light of current global business trends, strategies, and goals, it is increasingly apparent that leadership is no longer just a function for senior executives. Kotter (1988) believes that even lower-level managerial, professional, and technical employees require leadership capabili­ties to function adequately. Because of increased demand for leadership skills at multiple levels, leadership training is among the most common types of organi­zational training in demand today.

At the core of leadership training is the issue of transfer (Goldstein & Sorcher, 1974), or the ability to behaviorally reproduce or transfer what is learned in training to one’s job. Leadership training design must link learning to application. Unfortunately, not all leadership train­ing programs are designed to produce substantive behavioral changes. In fact, researchers have indicated that only a frac­tion of the skills and knowledge learned during training are really transferred to the job (Baldwin & Ford, 1988; Burke & Baldwin, 1999).

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