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Running Training Like A Business

Van Adelsberg and Trolley suggest that the key to delivering unmistakable business value lies in transforming T&D-in spirit and in practice-from a funciton to a business. The authors draw on their experiences working inside Moore Corporation, DuPont, Mellon Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Texas Instruments, and other top businesses to illustrate how "Running Training Like a Business"

Running Training Like A Business

Edward Trolley

Edward Trolley

Edward Trolley is Vice President of Learning Outsourcing for ACS. He is widely recognized for having started the training outsourcing industry when he orchestrated the first comprehensive training outsourcing deal between DuPont and The Forum Corporation in 1993.    After joining The Forum Corporation, he continued to advance this outsourcing concept with leading companies such as The Moore Corporation, NCR, Texas Instruments, KPMG Canada, SmithKline Beecham, Irving Oil and other organizations around the globe. He has orchestrated more comprehensive training outsourcing relationships than anyone on the planet. 

Mr. Trolley is co-author of the book, Running Training Like A Business:  Delivering Unmistakable Value, published by Berrett-Koehler. He is also a contributing author to two ASTD published books, Building Learning Capability Through Outsourcing and Lies About Learning.   He is a highly requested presenter at industry conferences and has spoken at major events such as ASTD, TechLearn, The World Outsourcing Summit and the HRO World Outsourcing Conference.  His concepts and ideas have been included in hundreds of business publications around the globe. 

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Making the Business Case for Transformation through Training

Most training people get considerable satisfaction from the mere fact that learning is taking place. We can certainly understand this. Learning can be inspiring, even thrilling. For most business leaders, however, learning must soon lead to making money, or the thrill is gone.

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