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Adele Sommers

Adele Sommers, Ph.D. is the author of the award-winning "Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance" success program. She helps people start up, tune up, or make over their businesses; align their life passions with their business purposes; and "discover and recover" the profits their businesses may be losing daily through overlooked performance potential.

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Managing Project Risks (Part 3): How To Quickly Assess Potential Pitfalls

Being optimistic is a wonderful thing, but being overly optimistic — in the face of unrealistic odds — can sabotage a project’s success. Over-optimism abounds when people view every project as a “must-win” effort while failing to flag potential problems. In Part 2 of this series, we identified 10 types of risks related to choosing, estimating, and staffing your projects.

After identifying the potential risks, the next phase entails assessing to what extent the risks can negatively affect your project in areas such as cost, schedule, quality, or features. This article (Part 3 of the series) explains how you can quickly evaluate any risks you’ve identified to see whether they’re likely to overwhelm your project.

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