Renie McClay

Renie McClay

Renie McClay has been assisting companies with Management and Sales Force development for the past 17 years. Her background is sales, sales management, and sales training with several Fortune 500 companies, including Kraft Foods, Gerber, and Pactiv (makers of Hefty). She is an independent learning consultant who helps companies with onboarding, new hire orientation, and developing mentoring programs to help new employees become productive faster.  She facilitates in the US and abroad, in a classroom and via webcast.

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Mentoring For New Employees

Mentoring can be an effective way to assist new employees in integrating into an organization. New-hire orientation and job training are vital elements in the acclimation of the employee to the company culture and the processes and procedures necessary for successful job performance.  Yet, the ongoing support of a mentor can be the lynchpin that enables an employee to transfer this knowledge to the day-to-day work environment.  A mentor can be a much needed flotation device to help new employees as they learn to swim. A mentor can be a manager, peer, someone on the team, or someone from a different team.

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