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Dr. Melody Ivory is the author of Thou Art the Art, Step into the Frame, and Be the Masterpiece. She is an introspective trainer, lifestyle coach, multi-talented artist, and herbalist who works with Masterpiece Souls--talented individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders who exist to create great works in the outer and inner worlds. Over the last 12 years, hundreds of people have trusted her to take them on a personalized journey to their true selves, greater hope, and richer possibilities.

Melody’s 20-plus years of teaching and mentoring; her 20-plus years in technology (including B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science); and her cherished role as wife and mother combine to help her in her work to empower people and organizations to see themselves as living works of art. 

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Taming Your Stress with the Five Elements


In times of increased economic instability, job transition, and cost of living, stress levels can spike tremendously, even for people who do not typically “feel stressed.” Experiencing some level of stress is natural and normal. The question is: Is your stress level too high? And, if it is: How do you bring it back down to a normal level—quickly and easily?

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