Bernice Johnston

Bernice Johnston

Bernice Johnston founded Milestone Unlimited, Inc., a Portland, Oregon based training and consulting company in 1978. She specializes in helping organizations improve their productivity, profitability, customer loyalty, and employee retention. Clients say of Bernice, “She helps us get where we want to go in spite of ourselves." Her focus is on supervisor and management leadership because research reports that an organization's success depends on the quality of leadership experienced by the front line employee.

In addition to her organizational development expertise, she is the author of Real World Customer Service--What to Really Say When the Customer Complains and a frequent guest speaker at national meetings. Because of her background as a child abuse investigator and specialized training in interpersonal communication skills she is especially adept in dealing with conflict, mediation challenges, and facilitating meetings that require tough decisions.

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What Should You Really Say When Your Customer Complains?

First, do you know what they’re really complaining about? Do you really know what makes them angry?

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