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  • Leading at Net Speed: Creating an Optimistic Culture

    (Length: 2:47)

    The leader who focuses on creating an optimistic culture empowers their team to tackle problems and issues, persevere in the face of challenges and celebrate their accomplishments.

  • Leading at Net Speed: Cultivating Trust

    (Length: 3:02)

    The leader who cultivates trust attends to the subtle and not-so-subtle messages that their behavior sends to a team.  Lack of trust can cripple the organization’s ability to perform.

  • Leading at Net Speed: Encouraging Exceptional Performance

    (Length: 3:21)

    The leader who encourages exceptional performance is focused on getting the best from everyone on the team.  This attention to the development and performance of each individual means that the collective performance of the work unit is often exceptional.  

  • Leading at Net Speed: Focusing for High Impact

    (Length: 3:02)

    The leader who focuses for high impact knows that their attention to the goals of the team and their discipline in holding that focus will keep the team on track, no matter what is happening inside the organization.   

  • Leading at Net Speed: Promoting Collaborative Relationships

    (Length: 3:30)

    Learn how a leader builds honest communication that respects the needs of everyone on the team while at the same time, unflinchingly dealing with conflict, asking tough questions, and encouraging honest feedback.

  • Five Leadership Guidelines: Your Personal Gyroscope

    by Cynthia Clay Cynthia Clay

     Any leader can have a personal leadership gyroscope to stay on track and in balance.

  • Leading at Net Speed: How to Stay on Course

    by Cynthia Clay Cynthia Clay

    Today's leaders face countless challenges, familiar and unfamiliar. But by following just a few clear principles, leaders can stay on course despite the pull in many directions. We look at five such principles: (1) Create an optimistic culture; (2) Promote collaborative relationships; (3) Encourage exceptional performance; (4) Focus for high impact; (5) Cultivate trust.