Louise Carnachan

Louise Carnachan, MSW, is a trainer and video producer of the training film Give Me Space, an over-the-top look at conflict in the workplace. For the past 20+ years has assisted clients to increase their work satisfaction and productivity through the development of leadership, communication and teams. Louise believes that everyone has a unique contribution to make, and the match between contribution and job translates into an increase innovation, work satisfaction and productivity. Her client list includes: Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, The Starbucks Coffee Company, McDonald’s, State of Washington, University of Washington Medical Center, Overlake Hospital & Medical Center and Head Starts around the Pacific Northwest. Louise previously was an instructor in the University of Washington MBA program and adjunct faculty with Seattle Pacific University.

When she is not working with clients, Louise lives on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State, where she is a playwright, director and actor. She is the founding member of Off Limits Improvisational Theater.

Contact Information:
(206) 295-5405


What Gen Y Wants You to Know

There are many quotes, going back to the Greeks, that decry the youth of the day as the generation who will finally let down humanity. Now it’s Gen Y’s turn to feel the heat as they find their niche in the workplace—doing it their way while their older colleagues shake their heads and wonder about Gen Y’s work ethics.


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